Air, water, fire and Earth, with interactions too numerous to list, bring us to the duty of rising into space. It is then the question of weather is asked and it is then that the answers demand a change of topic. To appreciate the vastness of planets and still maintain one’s rhythms, the mind must coax its’ self to accept more than what seems necessary. Why study let alone learn any of the lingo associated with Meteorology? For some, it awakens an avid listener who finds reasons to take out a new lease on life while for others it enlivens the interest in their daily tasks. For the already involved a less solitary outlook while the lost among us hope for a chance to belong.

At Weather Station Planet Earth , meteorologists are aware of the vigilance and dedication needed to live here on Home Turf. Surviving in all manner of weather and in all forms and conditions is no joke. It takes time, effort and concentrated practice to learn the skills a true Earthling requires. As Cat Stevens once sang, ” it takes more than a smile ” to get along. A long and fulfilled life that is, or so I thought.

Hurricanes are here so let the learning begin. Some articles will sound repetitious but the new participants are interested. Some will cause a flurry of activity and others will unite the downtrodden and forgotten in common causes providing renewed self esteem. For us we expect this planet to be around minus a destruction due date. We also care about its many parts. To know it is to love it. We do, we hope you do too.

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Penname : Nichu Seong

Geography, Geology, Astronomy , Weather, main interests. Active social conciousniess. .Admirer of human will to survive.

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